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What is Yext?

Yext was founded by Howard Lerman, Brian Distelburger, and Brent Metz in 2006. Yext was built on the principle that the ultimate authority on a business should be the business itself. Yext is a modern tool for brand management and keyword research that changes the way search is done.

If a potential customer makes the decision to search up your business, the last thing you want is inaccurate information to deter them from purchasing. Business verification is what makes Yext unique. This means that the search information that pops up on Google about a business is verified by the business itself. 

To some people, this seems obvious: Accurate information about a business comes straight from the business itself. However, before companies like Yext, many businesses were subject to the mumbo-jumbo that would pop up on Google about their business. 

Customers couldn’t even find the answers to what they were looking for, let alone specific information about a business. Yext is here to set the record straight by giving businesses the final say about their information. This keeps data timely, current and accurate. Yext tools also give businesses a better digital marketing strategy with analytics and insights.

Yext’s Most Popular Features

Yext is a data management tool that keeps track of your business on multiple forums and directory listings so potential leads are no longer getting inaccurate information.

The software allows you to sync your:

  • Business Details (Current name, address, and phone number)
  • Business Hours & Locations
  • Products and Services offered
  • Yext team photos, videos, bios, menus, calendars, and special events.
  • Address, phone number, and content in any language

Yext provides their tools with a search experience cloud. Their tools are broken down by answers, listings, knowledge graphs, reviews, pages, and analytics. All of these tools are designed to improve the search experience for customers and help businesses take control of their presence online. Here is a breakdown of the tools Yext provides:

1. Answers

“Add the world’s best search experience to your website.”

Keyword research has been around since the 90s. However, much of the way keyword research tools work is outdated and gives viewers messy links and half-matching information. Yext works to help declutter the search game and help businesses give clear and official answers that actually work.

2. Listings

Yext Listings lets your business be in control of the facts. 

With Yext Listings, you can have all of your business directory listings in one convenient dashboard, so you control the information. Customers no longer have to search for accurate information about your business.

3. Knowledge Graph

“The customer journey starts with a question.”

According to Yext’s website, a Knowledge Graph is a network of related data points that are used in semantic search technology to provide answers that best align with the context of a user’s query. The Knowledge Graph tool provided by Yext helps give answers to the questions your customers are asking.

4. Reviews

“Stay Informed.”

Customer reviews are the best way to show just how great your business is. Every day, 

customers make decisions about which places they want to shop and eat and spend their money. 

With Yext Review monitoring, you can better manage your online reviews by monitoring and responding to reviews to better interact with your customers. These positive interactions will bring in more customers who want to do business with you!

5. Pages

Built for Discoverability & Conversion.”

The way humans search online has changed. Businesses need to have their pages optimized for the way people search across the web. The secret behind Yext Pages is they are AI-ready. This is what makes the difference between a website popping up and one that sits on page 2 of search results.

6. Analytics

“Bring customer engagement into focus — everywhere.”

Yext Analytics gives your business a clear picture of how consumers interact with you. This picture also provides insights into how well your digital marketing campaigns are doing across all search engines and whether or not your efforts are all in vain. Yext Analytics also tells you how you rank in search and how customers are viewing you.

Yext Pricing & Packaging

Depending on the size of your business, your needs might vary. Yext has 4 packages that range in price. The smallest plan is the Emerging plan is priced at $199/year. These plans are designed to meet the various needs of small and medium-sized businesses. 

The essential and complete packages are a mid-range option starting at $499/year and are a good choice for medium businesses. The last package is the premium package with complete access to advanced tools and features.

Cons to Using Yext

Some negative reviews about using Yext are that competitors offer more features for a lower cost. When compared to Birdeye, the only areas where Yext is ranked higher were data aggregators, network directory, and optimization. Unfortunately, there are many negative Yext reviews.

An in-depth review from an investing student named Edwin Dorsey describes the many negative reviews about Yext. These reviews claim Yext published false information about small businesses and then asks for additional money to remove these falsities. Many people are upset at Yext’s business practices and call them extortionists. 

Not all of the reviews found online are negative concerning Yext. During the covid-19 pandemic, many stores had to change their hours and availability. Online reviews mention that for some businesses, the Yext team was very quick at keeping their information accurate online.

Alternatives to Yext

One of the biggest competitors for Yext is Birdeye. According to, overall customers prefer using Birdeye to Yext.

Birdeye was found to be cheaper, easier to use, and overall fit their needs better. Additional competitors to Yext are Podium, Intercom, and Reputation. Many businesses prefer using software that integrates with their pre-existing CRM platform.

Yext FAQ’s

Is Yext a good investment?

The idea behind what Yext offers is indispensable in a changing online world. The way your business is perceived on the web is a huge part of the number of new customers that are going to try your product or service. 

Additionally, having inaccurate information can not only drive away leads but show that your business doesn’t care as much about its reputation. Individual experiences and reviews vary concerning Yext, but the idea behind what Yext offers is very important for all businesses.

What are some alternatives to Yext

1. Podium
2. Birdeye
3. Reputation


With a company that has as many mixed reviews as Yext, it might be something your business has to try out for itself. Yext is designed to improve your online presence and give your customers a better way to get the answers they deserve. 

For businesses that move around frequently or have multiple locations, Yext might be a good choice. Especially with how vast the internet is, Yext makes it easy to give your business the final say on what is accurate. This gives your customers less time to search and more time to purchase.

Yext review & Product Overview
It's worth it—for some.
For businesses that move around frequently or have multiple locations, Yext might be a good choice. Yext makes it easy to give your business the final say on what is accurate. This gives your customers less time to search and more time to purchase
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