What are Youtube Shorts?

Youtube shorts allow you to make 60-second videos that are short form in nature. These Youtube videos are the perfect format for easy access to information about products, services, and businesses. 

These short-form videos make it easy to display the most relevant information about your business or products in easy-to-access and ingest Youtube videos. This new short-form video option mirrors TikTok’s styling so that users can watch music and other kinds of audience-centric videos that will communicate relevant information rapidly.

If you are ready to learn more about Youtube Short Form videos, read on!

What is Short Form Video?

A short-form video is a video that offers music and other features that can make the video more friendly for users to consume. These kinds of videos are like short-form ads and have the features of the long-defunct Vine app.

Users can create short videos that offer up fun music, google keywords, and creator personality easily. Shorts that are found on Tiktok are created with a slightly different audience in mind in most cases, but the Youtube audience is just as likely to respond well to these features.

Short-form videos were made famous originally by Vine, but that platform quickly faded due to the limitations of the platform as far as music and other editing tools that were allowed. The new version of this short-form video allows for the addition of a song to a clip and manipulation of the video through editing tools.

Being able to access a library of existing videos that you have made and linking them together readily within an application is a great new feature. This, along with the ability to attach song choices makes for a really unique and new way to utilize short-form videos for the benefit of those watching as well as those promoting items, services and businesses.

How to Download the Youtube Shorts App

It is easy to download this app so you can create and watch videos that have been made with this short form model.

  1. Copy the Youtube Shorts link from the Youtube homepage.
  2. Paste it into your browser and navigate to the site.
  3. Tap the “click here” button to select your formatting.
  4. Use the download button and the app will be added to your device.

Choose to just partake of the videos that have been provided on the site or you can watch what is trending and make your own relevant shorts that will speak to your audience of consumers. Record your own content for your company or watch 15 seconds of each video in your niche and get some ideas before you create your first video.

There are many ways to use this opportunity to grow your company’s presence online through each clip that you upload. Even if you are only going to watch the library of videos, you will gain lots of hours of enjoyment and information content watching that you would have had trouble accessing otherwise.

Can You Create Shorts With a Multi-Segment Camera?

Multi-segment videos are created on Tiktok and Youtube shorts with a tool within the app that allows you to edit and connect video segments within the app itself. This platform option is newer to the app world and you can create these edited videos readily within the Tiktok app as well as the Youtube app.

The Youtube version of this process is still in beta but the platform is already having great luck with these shorts and they are giving Tiktok a run for its money. Shorts are a great video medium and the beta version is not full of bugs like some other platform roll-outs. 

This is no longer a new technology, but it had not been utilized in this kind of video creation process before now. Beta versions of the process work very well on mobile as well as web and you will be able to watch your video before you post it.

This is a great benefit as many creators like to create on mobile and they do not want to have to edit shorts on the web version of the app. Being able to create and edit in the same mobile tool is a great way to create unique content on the fly.

What is the Creator Fund?

This Creator Fund was created by Youtube to support the shorts that they have added to their video options. This $100 million fund helps promote media creation that is relevant and that speaks to artists and viewers alike. This content fund is meant to reward Youtube’s most-watched videos and keep the good content rolling in.

This fund helps support and recommend the right artists that are Youtube’s primary generators of traction and engagements. The short-form video clip can offer a lot of relevant information that you will not get in a longer-form video medium.

The creator fun option for short video formatted clips will become more normal on many platforms in the future. This helps encourage people to record and edit quality video content for the site that the short-form content is posted on.

Youtube shorts are offered a much more beneficial creator reward than some other platforms. This has always been one of the strengths of the Youtube platform and the Youtube app. Videos on Youtube are well-regarded overall and they are seeking to continue with this reputation with their new Youtube shorts.

How Many People Are Watching Youtube Shorts?

There are more than 2 billion people watching Youtube videos and Youtube shorts each month. Youtube is one of the best locations to get information about how to do processes and tasks as well as a great place to gain information about products and services.

Youtube showcases bloggers, travel opportunities, and many more unique kinds of video outreach. Youtube shorts offer creators the chance to make fun videos that are linked with music and other fun video editing features that were not available to creators on mobile before.

Being able to open up the creation of video to creators who work primarily on mobile will offer a chance to enrich this platform. More than 1 billion videos are watched on Youtube every day and this number will only grow with short-form videos on Youtube.

Should I Create Youtube Shorts?

If you are not sure if you want to join the creators that are making shorts on Youtube, you should consider that these videos can be edited quickly through the use of the app and that you can reach many people with these tools that would otherwise not be engaged with your content.

TikTok’s example is a very beneficial one to look into and you will see that the library of relevant and interesting videos that are currently on this site are hugely popular. If you want to use unique and relevant tools to promote a business or a service, Youtube shorts offer you the chance to make clips that speak to your goals, your ethos, and your branding.

This is a valuable tool that will help you upload information online about your business that you would not be able to create with other mediums.