vs Yext | Which Reputation Management Tool Wins?

For businesses that move around frequently or have multiple locations, Yext might be a good choice. Yext makes it easy to give your business the final say on what is accurate. This gives your customers less time to search and more time to purchase
out of five
Easy to use
Great for multi-location businesses
Unsatisfied Customers
History of Bad Business Practices
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business owner checking their online reputation on mobile device
Despite its drawbacks, this software is a great resource for well-respected businesses and greatly valued by its over 1.6 million customers and clients. 
out of five
Customers Have a High Level of Confidence
Has a Vast Multitude of Features
Many Sought-After Integrations
Large Enterprises Trust it
Ideal for Any Stage of Business Development
You Must Pay for Every Additional Feature
Customers Complain that the Company Lacks Integrity
No Free Version
Unlisted Pricing
Unprofessional Customer Support
Software Is Slow
Competitors Have an Edge
Bugs Have Yet to Be Worked Out
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