How to make a Facebook Poll for increased follower engagement.

Let’s take a poll. How many of you are familiar with how to make a poll on Facebook? Or better yet, do you know that Facebook polls have the potential to add value to your social media marketing and drive engagement with your consumers? If you know about Facebook polls, great! Continue using them to thrive online. If not, keep reading…

The Benefits of Facebook Polls

Many entrepreneurs believe creating content is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. An upside to Facebook ads is they are quick and easy to make. That is one benefit of using Facebook polls in your marketing, but there are many more. Let’s explore them.

  • Feedback From Your Target Audience Using Facebook polls allows you to get feedback in real-time so you can make the necessary tweaks to any offers, services, or products you are thinking about selling.
  • Helps With Rebrand If you are in the middle of a brand makeover, you can even ask them their thoughts about brand colors, names, etc. Pretty much anything you would like to confirm within your business, you can create a Facebook poll that suits the scenario.
  • Understanding Customers Pain Points One of the single greatest things you need to master as a business owner is understanding the psychology behind why your ideal audience does what they do. Getting clarity on their pain points can help you when it comes to making social media posts, writing emails, or creating the sales page.
  • Connect With Your Community Facebook polls are something that stops the scroll in the news feed. It’s something different that will catch the average social media user’s eye. Polls are very interactive, and they spark conversation. Users get to express their opinions and have their voices heard.

How to make a Poll on Facebook.

  • Step 1: Write a post.
  • Go to the bottom right corner of your post, and select the three dots to expand the selects.
  • Step 2: Select “Create a poll”
  • Step 3: Edit your “Poll Options” Select whether you would like your audience to add additional options to select from or give them the option to choose multiple answers.
  • Step 4: Hit PUBLISH!

How to Create Facebook Polls on Your Business Page

Facebook has made a lot of changes with its interface lately. So you may not initially see the option to create a poll and think the poll feature has disappeared. You just need to take a few extra steps.

  • Step 1 – Scroll to the left side of your business/ fan page, and select “publishing tools”
  • Step 2 – Select “create post”. Some of you can select the “create poll” option. But for those who do not see it, you will need to switch back to the “classic view” in order to create a poll. Scroll to the bottom left side of the post, and select the gear icon and select “classic view From here, you will have the same steps as you used in the Facebook group.
  • Step 3 – Select the number of days you would like your poll to run.
  • Step 4 – Hit “publish”

How to increase brand awareness

Don’t just keep your Facebook page central to your business page. If you are looking to grow your page and following, consider sharing your poll inside other Facebook groups, where your ideal audience may be hanging out.

Earlier we used the example of a fitness trainer. You may want to ask a question about the type of food they prefer, carbs vs protein, or types of exercises they like to do, weight training vs cardio. Using this example, consider sharing your poll in groups about specific types of diets, or workouts. Use the information to gather more information or tweak your current content. Conversely, don’t be afraid to ask your audience to share the post also. Remember, your goal is to build a relationship and encourage community with your audience. The more people see your poll, the better the results!

One Last Thing…

You may be itching to run ads to your Facebook polls. Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently allow you to run an ad to a static post on your business page. So you will need to rely 100% on organic traffic for your results. But don’t let this deter you. If you’ve followed the steps in the article, you should see a good amount of engagement in a short period of time.

Facebook polls are a great way to increase brand awareness, collect marketing data and connect with your audience. They’re also fast, free, and easy to create. But this is only ONE piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating effective content for your biz. If you would like help creating a strong SEO and content strategy, book your FREE discovery call today.