How to leave a review on Etsy.

E-commerce becomes more popular by the hour. From purchasing dinner to having a phone case delivered directly to your door, you’ve likely participated in this growing trend. There are many e-commerce platforms, Etsy is one of them.

Etsy is a global marketplace that offers handmade, vintage, or custom items. Small businesses usually open up an Etsy account to sell their unique items. Knowing how to leave a review on Etsy can help these small businesses continue to bring crafted items to you.

Purchases and Reviews on Etsy

Why You Should Leave a Review or Rating

Etsy is simple, transparent, and allows a shop owner to reach shoppers around the world. The platform is simple to use, which is one of the many reasons why small businesses choose Etsy to sell their items.

While shop owners can use the tools on Etsy to promote and grow their business or hire out someone to help with content discovery, leaving a review on Etsy can also help them.

Feedback from customers can indicate several things. Some are good or poor quality of the item or transaction with the shop. Reviews, especially five-star ratings can create a good reputation and help businesses with the competition.

Navigating How to Leave a Review or Rating

Account and Purchases

To leave a review on Etsy you must have an account. You cannot write a review without being signed into an account. This provides fairness to the sellers and to potential customers who are browsing the product in question.

There’s another catch – you have to have purchased the item to leave a review. Again, this ensures fairness to other buyers who are thinking about making a purchase.

Reviews for purchases from your account do have a time limit. You have to write a review on the product within 100 days. This period leaves the transaction fresh in the buyer and seller’s minds. Digital downloads and tangible items shipped qualify for a review.

How to Leave Reviews on Etsy

Say you did purchase and are wondering how to leave a review on Etsy.
  1. First, sign in to your Etsy account.
  2. Go to your purchases and reviews page. The purchases and reviews page is under Your Account, this is on the top right of the page if you are on
  3. On the Etsy app click the same things because you can leave reviews from both.
  4. From there you will find the item you want to review.
  5. Once you’ve found the item on the page, you can select review this item.
  6. Next to the item, there will be five stars that appear grey.
  7. To begin to review the item, you’ll have to choose the star rating you want to give.
  8. Now you’ll be able to write your review on the item or service you received inside the text box.
Star Rating on Etsy

Like other e-commerce platforms, Etsy operates on the star rating system. It’s a five-star system. One star is the lowest, and a five star is the highest. Positive reviews, like a 5-star review, can help the seller.

Writing the Review on Etsy

While it takes some time to leave a review on any platform, it is worth more than just those who left a five star. A good review is well-written.

Think about the good or service you received. Did the shop owner do anything special? Were you impressed with the estimated delivery date? Whatever it may be, be sure to write your review so it can help other buyers.

If you’re on there is a 5 length word minimum. On the Etsy app, there is no word minimum. If you are able to leave a review or don’t have much time to write a review of good quality, know that you can edit your review.

To edit your review, go next to the item you purchased and click Edit Review.

Uploading a Photo with Your Review

Besides the stars and writing, there will also be a section to upload an optional picture. Uploading a picture with a star rating and writing can enhance the quality of the review and help the shop. The picture should be related to the good you received from the shop.

If you wrote about the product not being good quality or how the size is perfect, you can go ahead and snap a picture of that and upload it. While it is an optional upload picture, it is helpful.

It is also smart to review the final review written with the photo uploaded before you post your review.

Don’t have a good rating?

Leaving a review on Etsy won’t impact your account or ability to make purchases. While everyone has their own opinion, it’s best to leave the review solely on the product.

If there’s a customer service problem with the seller or you are missing something, you can always send the shop owner a private message. The sellers can delete your review.

You can do this by going to their profile and clicking the mail icon next to Contact shop owner. You also have the option to report or open a case. This reports a problem with the order.

To do this, you’ll have to go under Your Account and search for the item you purchased and then click on Open a case and follow the steps there. But the fastest route is to contact the seller and work with them based on the seller’s policies listed. 

Now that you know how to leave a review on Etsy, the next time you make a purchase, write some feedback after receiving it!

It takes time, but it can help other buyers when trying to make a purchase, and help the sellers grow their presence and allow them to bring you more quality goods and services. If you need more information than in this article you can view the Etsy help page.