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What is Birdeye?

Birdeye was founded in 2012 in Palo Alto, California. Birdeye is backed by alumni from some of the top companies in the world such as Yahoo, Google, and Salesforce. Initially, the Birdeye platform was used to help its customers generate and manage their online reviews. Birdeye has evolved to include many additional and convenient tools in its platform. Birdeye now serves over 60,000 businesses.

Birdeye is an online reputation management tool and marketing platform that helps businesses stand out online. According to Birdeye’s website, 72% of people won’t take action until they’ve read an online review. This just shows how important it is now more than ever before for a business to invest in their online reputation

Today, breakthrough companies like Birdeye are changing the way businesses market to their customers by creating customer-driven marketing. The best form of advertisement to market your business is good reviews from happy customers. 

Birdeye is an all-in-one platform that drives your customers to become your marketing engine. With customer-driven marketing, a business can truly interact with customers on a personal level and generate positive reviews with ease.

Birdeye’s Products 

Birdeye’s products are divided into three main categories; Attract, Convert, and Delight. All three categories work to better improve the way your business interacts with its customers. The management is done through one convenient dashboard and makes interacting with customers, managing feedback, monitoring competitor analytics, and staying connected very simple and straightforward. Birdeye helps businesses to hardwire every business decision around the customer and scale revenue and growth

Additionally, Birdeye integrates with all major customer management and review platforms as well as the top ERP, PMS, POS, and CRM systems. 

Attracts Leads

In today’s world, positive reviews attract customers better than almost any other form of marketing. This is the secret to attracting leads with Birdeye. Birdeye helps give happy customers a more convenient way to leave a positive review. These positive reviews can truly change the way your business looks online, resulting in more leads.

With specialized pages, optimized for SEO, you can create accurate pages with customized branding for each of your locations that show up every time someone searches.

Converts Leads

Birdeye helps turn leads into customers. With convenient two-way text messaging, potential customers can have their questions answered and appointments scheduled quickly and easily. This on-demand customer service is attractive and helps businesses interact with their leads on a personal level. 

Even if you have hundreds of leads, with Birdeye’s convenient dashboard, all of your interactions are organized. The Web Chat feature with Birdeye also lets you convert online searchers to new customers by continuing your online conversation to your mobile phone.

Delights Leads

Birdeye takes delighting your customers to a whole new level. With the ticketing feature, you can create actionable tickets from reviews, survey responses, and social mentions. Assign them to relevant people within the organization for effective resolution and improve customer experience and build loyalty all in real-time. This prevents customers from leaving a negative review and feeling like their issue isn’t important.

With customizable surveys, businesses can create a survey that actually covers a customer’s experience. With the ticketing feature, Birdeye can help you solve a problem and improve your overall rating. 

Transforms Leads

Birdeye also lets you take customer feedback into actionable insights to truly generate positive dialogue amongst your audience. You also receive analytics into your competitors to truly know where you stand in the industry and Identify strengths and opportunities based on competitive data.

Additional Features

  • Listings 

The directory listings management tool allows businesses to fix and synchronize their business information on 50+ listing sites. This helps businesses get more customers and improve search rankings.

  • Social Posting 

This feature allows you to create, publish or schedule your social media posts months in advance saving you more time.

  • Social Engagement 

This tool allows you to monitor, respond and engage your followers on your social channels – all in one place.

  • Reporting

Birdeye makes pulling relevant data and visuals for my executive team a snap. Customers can easily see what they are paying for.

  • Scalable

Birdeye is scalable to any amount of users your business may have. You can benefit from Birdeye if you have a single location or thousands. 

Birdeye Pricing Structure

Birdeye’s pricing starts at $299 per month for a single location when you pay annually. The total Birdeye cost depends on the products you purchase and your number of locations. When comparing Birdeye to competitors, it’s best to list out the individual tools that you desire, and determine which company offers the greatest number for the cheapest price.


Online Birdeye reviews mention that a few of the features don’t always work well. The sentiment feature was mentioned as being time-consuming and hard to use. The text message feature that allows you to communicate with your customers via text is less praised than Podium’s text messaging.

Another con to Birdeye is the number of customizable features. Birdeye made reputation management simple and straightforward. Because of this, Birdeye is said to not be as customizable as some businesses need.


Birdeye is an established leader in the reputation management space and boasts one of the most complete platforms on the market. Its strongest competitor is Podium, which typically costs $100-200 more per month. Podium offers more tools but is more expensive per month than Birdeye.  

According to, Birdeye beats out Podium in areas like ease of use, quality of support, and meet general requirements.


How much is Birdeye?

Depending on your budget and overall needs, Birdeye might be affordable. Compared to other competitors, Birdeye is overall cheaper every month. However, if your business has additional needs that Birdeye cannot meet, a more expensive competitor might be a better choice.

Will Birdeye fix my negative online reputation?

Birdeye is designed to improve review management and encourage happy customers to leave reviews. One review praised Birdeye for increasing its online reputation and adding 20 positive reviews within 24 hours. For other businesses, it might not happen this quickly. However, Birdeye works to change the tide in reputation management for your business.


Although Birdeye has helped over 60,000 businesses, their solution for reputation management is no magic formula. It simply gives a voice to happy customers who want to leave positive reviews. These reviews are so important as 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends. 

Birdeye is helping businesses to not only manage their negative reviews but also increase their positive ones. With Birdeye, you can transform the way your business appears online and control the buzz.

Birdeye Review & Product Overview
It's No Podium
Although Birdeye has helped over 60,000 businesses, their solution for reputation management is no magic formula. It simply gives a voice to happy customers who want to leave positive reviews. Birdeye is helping businesses to not only manage their negative reviews but also increase their positive ones.
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